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This video library will show examples of our integrated end-of-line packaging solutions in action.

Robotic Palletizer, Stretch Wrapper & Labeler Combo System

Robotic palletizer, stretch wrapper & labeler integrated system from Brenton, Orion & ID Technology.

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Conventional Palletizer & Stretch Wrapper Combo System

Stretch wrapper & conventional palletizer integrated system from Orion & Currie by Brenton.

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Confection Product System Solution

Integrated system includes solutions from five Pro Mach Brands

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Case Packer for Stand-Up Spouted Pouches

Pro Mach End-of-Line Packaging Groups highlights the advantages of working with a company that not only supplies state-of-the-art packaging machines, but also provides a one-stop-shop for integrating an extensive range of solutions from sister companies into a unified, high throughput end-of-line packaging solution.

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Center of Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence

Customers that partner with the Pro Mach End-of-Line Packaging Group achieve faster startup and better overall performance with the latest packaging technology

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